How to install the review gallery?
The APP is automatically installed on your store after you click the “install” button. And you need to add the gallery code to your shopify theme, then the photo review gallery will be shown on the shopify store product page. Check this gallery installation instruction.  
How to uninstall?
You need to remove the gallery one-line code which you inserted to your shopify theme when installing the gallery code.
How to upgrade/downgrade the Evotte APP plan?
You can upgrade/downgrade the APP plan anytime by clicking the “upgrade” or “downgrade” button on the APP dashboard.
How to display the photo review gallery on any Shopify store page?
This feature is only enabled for the APP Professional plan. You need to upgrade the APP plan to Professional, then you can create a new review gallery, select a collection of uploaded reviews for different products, and place the corresponding code snippet into any page in the store website. It is a good way to promote your best seller products powered by your customer photos.
Why should we preview the review gallery and how to preview?

Whenever you would like to add a review gallery or make any changes to the existing review gallery, you may want to preview the changes first before your customers see them (especially if your store has a lot of traffic). It helps you to identify any mistakes and make sure everything is working as expected.

This feature is only enabled for the APP Professional plan. You need to upgrade the APP plan to Professional, then you are able to click the preview button in the gallery setting page. The button will pop up a dialog where you have to enter the url where you placed your code snippet for that review gallery. For example, for the product page gallery, you may want to enter the url for the one of your product pages (i.e.

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